The End is Near…

39 Weeks and 3 Days until D-Day…

I have realized that in the final stages of pregnancy, the HUGE belly really is a great conversation piece, and not only that, but perfect strangers are suddenly all smiles when they see you (mainly because they have just been caught staring in shock at said huge belly); however, I have to admit, some recent exchanges have been quite funny and endearing, so I thought I would share them.

The other day, while crossing the street to Starbucks, I caught one individual staring at my belly, and he proceeded to say:
“Girl – you about ready to pop, ain’t ya?!” I smiled and said yes. He then asked me if I could make it across the street without going into labor, and whether or not I needed any help – as this was all said in genuine concern, I had to laugh! He wished me luck and blessings on my new baby as he parted.

The End is Near...Recently, while heading into Carters to shop for baby clothes , a woman, who was also walking towards the store, called out across the parking lot and asked if I was doing ok in the warm weather. As she neared me she told me I looked great and was “all-belly”. She also wished me a happy and safe delivery, while her young daughter stared in awe at my big round tummy. It was quite endearing.

And, last night, while at shopping at Homesense, a gentleman was so intrigued by how large my belly stuck out that he felt the need to clarify, twice, whether or not it was twins. Again – I had to laugh, as his face was just so unbelieving. I smiled and told him no – I just have large babies! At the end of the conversation, both he and his wife wished me well and hoped I would have a happy, healthy baby.

Perhaps I have softened my attitude in my final days of pregnancy, compared to the rant I posted a few months back. The belly certainly does seem to bring about a lot of smiles and well-wishes from people who would normally just pass you on the street without a second look. Thanks to the individuals who have made me smile these past days! Can’t wait to be posting pics of this happy, healthy, baby!

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  1. You are the cutest prego lady that I know! I can’t wait to meet the little peanut!! Xoxo

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