Molly’s Toddler Room Reveal

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Well, it’s been a long time in the making, but I finally have another bedroom reveal on the blog!  As I’ve already mentioned in previous blog posts, we decided to shuffle our kids to different rooms this summer to make space for baby #4.  Our two big kids moved down to the basement, and Molly moved out of the nursery and into her own toddler room.


I have to admit, for as fun as all of the home updates have been so far, this bedroom really gives me all the feels!  Molly’s toddler room is surprisingly large; it’s actually the bedroom that Isla and Ben used to share before we moved them downstairs this past July.  So, figuring out how to decorate this large space for only one child took some time and creativity.  I ultimately decided to break the room up into three spaces – the bed area, the play area, and the dressing area.


Although the majority of my house has a very neutral colour palette, I love for my kids’ rooms to be something special and reflective of who they are as people.  Obviously Molly doesn’t have a lot of opinions when it comes to what her room looks like at this point, so I was really able to dream up my version of the perfect girly bedroom.

This room was also a lot of fun because of the many fun details I found to incorporate into the space, while also avoiding having to paint again. (This room was actually given a fresh coat of white paint only two years ago when we moved our big kids into the bedroom to share to make room for Molly in the nursery.) At that time, we had also painted one entire wall with chalkboard paint, so I knew my colour scheme for Molly’s toddler room needed to work well with a chalkboard wall, because I just love the feature too much to paint over.


My vision for the room really started to take shape when I came across this gorgeous removable wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals.  I had never used removable wallpaper before – in fact, I’ve never used regular wallpaper before!  I’ve always found it a bit daunting.  However, the idea of removable wallpaper was super appealing, and the patterns by Rocky Mountain Decals were so lovely that I knew I wanted to incorporate a statement wall in Molly’s room.  It was a tough decision, but I ended up choosing the Snowy Rose print, as I knew it would work great with the white and chalk walls already in the room.  It was also really easy to install!  Jeff and I spent a couple of hours one afternoon putting it up, and I was amazed at how easy the process was.

The wallpaper really served as the main source of inspiration for the entire room, and it was fun finding pieces that would compliment it.  I was able to use a few pieces that we already had, such as the bedside table, and the vintage dresser (although we did add a fresh coat of pink paint to the dresser so it would match a bit better).  I was also really excited to have spotted a gorgeous vintage bed frame at a garage sale this summer that works perfectly with the whole feel of the room.  A new duvet cover from HomeSense, and a few throw pillows from Chapters Indigo really brought her bed setup together.


One of the most special details in the room by far, however, is the play area/reading nook.  I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous canopy from MASHROOMkids, as well as the play mat which just add the perfect touch of magic to Molly’s space.  I can imagine her and Isla snuggled up in the space looking at picture books for hours; one day, when Molly gets older, the reading tent will transition perfectly to a canopy for above her bed. It also has to be said that the quality of this canopy and play mat are amazing!  A few shelves from Ikea adorned with Molly’s favourite bedtime stories, paper lanterns and throw pillows in the tent, and a couple of storage baskets for all of Molly’s favourite toys make this a really sweet and simple play-space.



Putting together these spaces for my kids this summer has really been such a fun process for me, and for them as well.  It’s so fun to see their personalities emerge, and also how they delight in their new spaces and really take ownership of them.  How do you blend your sense of home-styling with what your little people love?


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8 thoughts on “Molly’s Toddler Room Reveal

  1. What a beautiful and comforting room! I’m in love with the chalkboard wall, but over the moon about the wallpaper — just gorgeous!

  2. I’m going to be doing my daughters room soon and this gives me so much inspiration! Love the color palette and that it’s not “to pink”. 🙂

  3. So I want to move into your toddler’s bedroom. It’s gorgeous! That wallpaper is stunning, and the details of the accessories are so thoughtful and perfect. My son just moved from a crib to his toddler bed. This is great inspiration to redecorate his room!

  4. This is such a sophisticated room for a little lady! I’ve been meaning to re-do my 3yo’s room, and I got a bit of inspiration from this post…I love the print on the wall!!

  5. Where did you get the southwestern pillow in blush? I must have it!! I like in New Mexico!

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