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I don’t know about the rest of you, but as a mom, I feel like I am constantly worrying about my kids.  I know I shouldn’t worry as much as I do, and I know there is so much we don’t control in life – but I think it’s just second nature as a parent.  I have been especially aware of this with Nora being born eight weeks early, at 32 weeks gestation (you can read her birth story here if you’re interested in more about that journey).

Anyway, having already gone through the newborn stage three times, I really thought I was prepared for anything, but having a preemie opened up a whole new world of concern for my little one.  The constant monitoring while she was in the NICU, although a little overwhelming, was also such a comfort. I have to admit, I was nervous when we brought her home and suddenly the responsibility of her health and safety was entirely in our hands.

With that in mind, I  was really excited to receive the Levana Oma Sense Movement Monitor with Wake-Up Technology to try out with Nora.  Safe sleep is so important for all newborns, and even more-so for preemies who often struggle with learning to regulate their breathing in those early weeks.  The idea of having a device in my own home that would safely monitor Nora’s movement while sleeping was a huge relief to me.


So – what do I love about this monitor?  The monitor itself is designed for new babies, 0-6 months in age.  It is compact, lightweight, and cordless.  Additionally, the one-handed clip mechanism is easy to use and comfortable for baby, and also doesn’t need to be in direct contact with your infant’s skin in order to work effectively.  A simple on button activates the monitor, and an easy to understand light and alerting system keeps you notified of your baby’s movements. The best part is, if no movement is detected for 15 seconds, the monitor will first attempt to wake your baby with sound and vibrations; if regular movement has not been re-established after 5 seconds, an emergency alarm notifies you as the parents that your baby needs attention immediately.


I have been using the Oma Sense Movement  Monitor with Nora for several days now, and I am really impressed.  Because it is so lightweight, it never interferes with Nora’s ability to sleep (note: babies need to sleep on their backs for the Oma Sense to work because it needs to be clipped to your baby’s onesie overtop of his/her stomach).  I also accidentally left the monitor on after removing it from Nora’s sleeper the other day, and within 15 seconds, it started to buzz and beep. When I didn’t react within that 15 seconds, a high-pitched alarm sounded as the monitor obviously sensed no movement (because it wasn’t attached to Nora) – so it definitely works, and would absolutely wake me up if it were to go off in the middle of the night when Jeff and I were sleeping.

I also love the fact that Levana is a Canadian company, and that I am able to support a local Canadian business by promoting the Oma Sense to other parents who are looking for something like this for their little one.  And best of all, the Oma Sense Movement Monitor really does give me that added peace of mind when it comes to Nora’s safety while she sleeps – which definitely helps me to sleep better at night as well!


I recently did a “Favourite Baby Products” post which you can read here if you haven’t already, and honestly, I wish I had been using the Oma Sense when I wrote that post because I would definitely have included it on my list!  So, if you find yourself looking for an easy to use sleep monitor for your preemie or newborn baby, definitely check out the Levana Oma Sense Movement Monitor.  If you have a minute, I would also love to know what products give you peace of mind as a parent!?

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  1. My daughter was born at 29 weeks, so I have been there with the worry and stress after bringing your little one home from a nicu stay and all of the monitoring. I’ve been using the Owlet for my baby ever since she came home at 2 months old and guiltily at 18 months, I still have her wear it at night. I know she doesn’t need it any more but it is just such a reassurance to me!

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