The Cozy Collection

The Cozy Collection

Oh my gosh!  This is it! It’s launch day for The Cozy Collection! I honestly am so excited that today has arrived and that so many of you are already excited about this amazing little curated collection of handmade Christmas goodies!


Some of you have been asking where the inspiration for this collection came from, and I have to admit, I was 100% inspired by Canada’s own Jillian Harris, after seeing both of her Etsy collections come out over the last year.  I just thought to myself, how brilliant, to be able to do something creative like that and also work with local talent!

Creating is something that is so near and dear to my heart – over the last several years I have dabbled in chalkboard art, baby-bows, and of course, social media.  I love to create and so the idea of co-designing all of these special items for one collection just seemed like too much fun to pass up!  I was also looking for a way to celebrate the huge one-year milestone anniversary of my open-heart surgery, and this idea just checked all the boxes for me.  Some of the makers even ended up incorporating hearts into their designs as a nod to the significance of this Christmas for me and my family, and I truly could not be more grateful.


I ended up chatting with some of my closest friends about the idea to see if it was something that other women would be interested in, and after all of the positive response I received, I decided to approach some local makers.  I wanted the collection to be representative of my brand, but also remain true to each maker’s style and aesthetic as well.

Each of the makers in The Cozy Collection is from one of the three Prairie Provinces – Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, with the exception of one very special company, which I’ll talk more about later on in this post.

The collaborative effort put forth by each maker to include me in the creative and decision-making process was amazing, and I am truly so so proud of this gorgeous collection.  And even more than that, I am SO proud of these amazing makers and how much talent we have right here on the Prairies.

So – I know you are all ready to get your Christmas shopping done, so I’ll stop talking and instead, you can read on for a brief bio submitted by each individual maker, as well as the link to each of their individual shops.  Thank-you SO SO much for all of your love and support! Happy shopping!!


Willow Street Bees  – Julie

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection Holiday Drink Inspired Lip Balms!

Willow Street Bees was born out of a love for creating all natural, safe, and effective lip care products. Each small batch of lip balms is crafted with care in YXE with all of the finest ingredients, including locally sourced beeswax. The combination of beeswax and various natural oils and butters creates a luxurious balm. Each lip balm comes packaged in a biodegradable cardboard tube, because the world doesn’t need more plastic.

About the maker- Julie lives in Saskatoon with her husband, Trevor, and two boys Oakland(5) and Kai(2). She is a Registered Nurse who has always loved the process of creating and sharing her creations with others. From her love for all natural skin care products and desire to create, she started making beeswax based lip balms using the beeswax from her Dad’s urban hive. What started as a small DIY project evolved into a small business, and now into a plan to venture into the beekeeping world. Stay tuned to follow her journey into all things bees!   


Peak Paper Co.  – Brittany

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection Holiday Cards!

Brittany Dakins creates custom and live art for weddings, workshops, events and homes based in Edmonton, Alberta. Find her painting all your beloved pets, hosting calligraphy classes, lettering at corporate events and spending time in her favourite place + ultimate inspiration for Peak Paper Co – the Canadian Rockies.   


Needles in a Homestack  – Lindy

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection Toques!

Needles in a Homestack was established in 2014 and has become my place to dream and create.

I value being the sol creator in my company, it’s all in the details: the warmth, the texture and softness of the yarn, the tension in my stitches, my hand sewn on tags, to each pom or button tied on.

I have set a high standard for myself in the quality and design of each and every product I sell. My desire is to provide you with modern, stylish, warm accessories, that will carry you through the seasons.

Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might ! Ecc 9:10

(I am proud to also be the Co-Creator of Made 2 Market, which just had a very successful first season!)  


Poppy Joy PomPoms  – Dionne

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection “Natalie” Pom Garland & Stocking Add-On (Door Hanger)

A lover of kitsch and anything whimsical, Dionne started Poppy Joy Pompoms to funnel her creative energy. She lives in Winnipeg where she is raising two curly haired cuties along with her husband. Poppy Joy Pompoms handmakes pompom accessories and decor from key chains to fluffy garlands. Her pompoms are the perfect what to add some charm to your outfit, home or party.  


Lil Pips Baby Boutique  – Ashlee

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection Scrunchies!

(Note: Scrunchies are sold in two sets of three – there is a green set and a burgundy set; DM your choice to Ashlee using the link above to purchase.  Payment details will be provided)

My name is Ashlee Piper. I am a mom of two (4&2), wife, full time teacher & owner of Lil’ Pips Baby Boutique. Lil’ Pips is a small, home based business that started about 4 years ago because I had a very drooled baby. I had never sewn a day in my life but decided to try making my son bandana bibs to combat the drool.. fast forward 4 years and I am now a self taught sewer with a children’s clothing and accessory line! I am a one woman show, doing all my sewing work at home in my basement after my kids go to sleep.


Farm Girl Pottery  – Darlene

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection Pottery Mug

My name is Dar, and I’m the farmer and potter behind Farm Girl Pottery.

I absolutely love pottery! I’ve collected it for many years, whenever we travel. My current favourite piece is a bowl from New Zealand that is a perfect watery blue.

My goal is to make functional pottery that feels like home and becomes part of your everyday!


BF Sewing  – Allison

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection Stockings!  

(Note: There are three stocking choices: stripes with either burgundy or green vegan leather, and pink with neutral trim – either dream or white. Quantities are extremely limited! DM your choice to Allison using the link above to purchase.  Pom Tassel not included.  Payment details will be provided.)

My name is Allison, and I am the maker of B&F Sewing. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and I will forever be a prairie girl.

Sewing began as a hobby, and quickly transpired into a passion.  As a mom, I wanted unique and sentimental pieces for my kids that they would be able to treasure forever. I started by making pillow cases and minky blankets, and then my love for Christmas took over, and I started making Christmas stockings.  I have always loved Christmas, so I knew making personalized stockings for my family was a must.

I hope that I can bring a little Christmas sparkle with these cozy Christmas stockings to enjoy for this special time of year.


Sojourn Studio 

CLICK HERE to shop The Cozy Collection Delicate Heart Pendant!

“Sojourn Studio is a social enterprise that provides dignified work, character education, life skills, and spiritual development to women along the Thai-Myanmar border. As a sustainable project of Global Child Advocates the Sojourn Studio team produces and sells beautiful ceramic jewelry while encouraging women to pursue hope-filled forward motion.

Global Child Advocates strengthens the layers of protection around children to prevent abuse, trafficking, and institutionalization and empowers through education and advocacy.”

Sojourn Studio is the only participant in The Cozy Collection that is not from the Prairie Provinces, but this mission holds a special place in my heart, and I’m so glad they were on board!  I am also happy to say that each of the delicate heart pendants created for The Cozy Collection were made by the teenagers who participate in their Saturday morning program.  

Heart Pendant Details: porcelain heart with hand-painted gold lustre on an 18 inch, 14K gold-filled chain.



Thank- you again to each and every one of you for checking out this collection and supporting me and all of these talented makers!


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Festive Fizz with Montellier

Festive Fizz with Montellier

Is there any denying that one of the best things about the holidays is all of the yummy treats we get to indulge in?  That one month of the year where we have every excuse in the world to sample and sip the yummiest of treats and drinks?  In our house, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and the food and drinks we consume are a social experience; a ritual of sorts – it’s what brings us together in a time and space to share with one another.

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Christmas Movie Checklist

Christmas Movie Checklist

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is all of the amazing holiday films that start playing on TV.  I love how as kids, we used to wait for our favourites to be announced, and all of the memories that go along with watching a classic.  However, since moving to a small town where we don’t have cable TV, and rely solely on Netflix, I’ve had to put together my own list of holiday classics to watch each year.

This year, I decided to do a family poll to make sure we had all of our bases covered!  My family has a group text-chat that we converse on almost daily, so last week I threw out the question, “What is your all-time favourite Christmas movie?”  It was so fun, watching the answers roll in, and seeing how everyone else responded to each-other’s choices.  My mom didn’t chime in for about an hour, and when she opened her phone, she had over 93 missed texts in that chat – so you can tell that we had a pretty in-depth conversation!

I knew my dad would choose The Sound of Music, even though it’s not technically a Christmas movie, and my husband stated right away that my mom would most definitely pick “The Nativity”.  My brother chose Home Alone 2 specifically – and just reading his answer immediately took me back to the countless times, as kids, that we rewound the scene where Marv gets electrocuted (if you’ve seen the movie, you know exactly which scene I’m talking about.  In fact I’m giggling out loud as I type this).  One of my sisters chose One Magic Christmas – a bit of a diamond in the rough as far as classic Christmas movies go, but we grew up on it and all love it; one chose Love Actually, which is fast becoming a classic in its own right.  And my kiddos, finally being old enough to have an opinion, chose Elf –  because it’s funny, and The Polar Express – because it’s pure magic.

There’s just something about a great story that warms your heart, and can magically take you back in time – especially at Christmas, which is why I think so many of the truly great seasonal stories resonate with so many of us, and can be watched again and again and again.

So, without further ado, I present – for your viewing pleasure – our family’s Christmas Movie Checklist!  I know I haven’t included every great holiday movie out there – this is just what my family came up with – and I would love to hear what your favourite Christmas movies are! What would you add to this Christmas Movie Checklist?


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